Homecoming dresses

The homecoming collection is in. Get 10 % off your dress.

Our homecoming collection offers different shapes and colors. Whether you are looking for a fitted dress or a flow y dress make sure to visit Flares bridal +formal. Our homecoming dresses are very reasonable with a price range of $150 to $275.


sherri hill

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Simple wedding dress

A simple wedding dress allows a bride to accessorize it the way she wants to reflect her personality and show who she really is.

If we look at Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress we see a very simple wedding dress with an A line silhouette. Really basic and nothing special about it except for the sketches that her kids created to add to her dress.

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Prom dresses trend for 2015

Terani Terani q

After having  girls competing to find the best chiffon  prom dresses for the last couple years seems like the trend is changing. We star to see that these young woman are looking for more of a sophisticated prom dress. We are expecting to see a lot of lace prom dresses with low detailed backs. The glamorous beaded prom dresses will always remain the top pick for so many girls especially for senior ball. We also expect the mermaids shape prom dresses with a see through back to be the top choice for so many girls prom night.

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