Allure Romance Bridal Gowns

Allure Romance is one of the many Allure bridal collections we carry at our bridal store in Walnut Creek. It is all about the lace and the elegant ball gowns. In this collection every gown features a feminine and soft element that embodies the name of the collection: Romance

Allure Romance bridal gowns are about more than just how they look but also about how they feel. Great construction and craftsmanship makes every dress super flattering and comfortable. Each Allure Romance wedding dresses have its own extraordinary style and timeless look. The luxurious fabric, beautiful beads and the great attention to details make Allure bridal a multi award winning designer that we carry and sell proudly.

If you are looking to view and try a large selection of Allure Romance wedding dresses & gowns, make sure to contact us for an appointment. Call: 925.9393306 or email: Our experienced bridal consultants will help you select the dress that suits your body type, fits your budget and satisfy your taste.