Alyce Designs Prom Dresses

Alyce and her brother Jean-Paul founded Alyce Designs in 1967. The young Parisian immigrated to the United States in 1955 and brought the French and European culture with her. She created a lasting legacy of integrity and leadership in the fashion community in general and the formal dress industry in particular. Alyce Designs is famous for its attention to detail, especially bold details. The designer makes several soft all-lace formal or prom dresses as well as lace overlay dresses. While lace is traditionally feminine, the lace used by this designer incorporates large and bold patterns that act as a contrast. The designer explores with many modern necklines, especially halter-tops and illusion necklines. The different necklines act as a frame for the face and neck. Alyce Designs is famous for its rich colors and silhouettes. Even pale and darker colors have several different dimensions that create the illusion of constant motion. This is especially true for the satin and chiffon gowns. The designer also contrasts color through embroidery. Many prom dresses have silver or gold embroidery, which helps create coolness or warmth along with the fabricís undertones. Many royal blue dresses incorporate gold embroidery or beading to bring some warmth to an otherwise cool-toned dress. Alyce Designs also embraces many modern trends, like two-pieces and cutouts. However, when welcoming these trends, the designer still includes classic details and makes it a beautiful and graceful dress for a special occasion. While Alyce Designs makes many bold design choices, in true French style, none of the dresses feel too busy. They are simply sophisticated and do not overwhelm the wearer. Many of the Alyce Designs formal dresses with high necklines feature open backs. The two help balance each other for a graceful and elegant feel. This formal dress designer achieves this feeling when two-piece dresses have sleeves or illusion necklines. He also prefers to concentrate the beading on the bodice of the dress and either omit it or have it taper down through the skirt. This helps the skirt of the dress feel lighter, almost helping it glide across the floor. Alyce Designs always puts some sort of detailing near the waist of the skirt. There is always rushing with beading, simply beading or a waist band... Even with the two-pieces, there is beading across the edges around the waist. This is consistent with traditional Parisian style. Alyce Designs is committed to ensuring that each gown is made with the highest quality materials and construction. This allows the wearer shine in whatever unique style she chooses.