5 Tips to Make Wedding Planning Simpler

5 Tips That Will Help You Have Your Dream Wedding

If you are a couple that has recently been engaged, it’s likely that you have already started planning your wedding! In most cases, the woman is more excited and energized when the wedding planning starts as compared to the man. With so much to plan and take care of, it can be difficult to determine where to start or what to do next!

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6 Bridal Tips to Follow To Achieve Glowing Skin

6 Bridal Tips to Follow To Achieve Glowing Skin

It is every girl’s dream to have glowing skin when she is walking down the aisle. However, how is this possible? Beauty experts have come up with bridal tips that must be followed in order to achieve radiating skin. For the soon-to-be brides, these tips will be extremely helpful, so keep reading.

1.     Early Evaluation

In order to achieve flawless skin, it is recommended to follow a skincare routine almost a year before the wedding. However, if you do not have this much time, adopting good skincare habits is a smart alternative.

2.     Professional Facials

Your wedding time is the best excuse to get extra pampering. Make sure you are booking monthly facials so your skin can be refreshed. Experienced beauticians will massage your scalp and skin in a way so the blood circulation can stimulate and help you get healthy looking skin. You can get extractions in which the beautician will take all the dirt out of your pores. All brides need to know that this cannot be done at home, as it is done with special techniques. If you do not follow this bridal tip, you can end up with skin irritation or scars.

3.     Super Foods

No matter what type of skin you have, you need to stay hydrated AT ALL times. Water is helpful in maintaining clear skin. Consuming hydrating foods such as watermelons or cucumbers can be very helpful as well. Other super foods include tomatoes, carrots, kale, and grapefruit. There is no way your face will get those random breakouts after consuming all these!

4.     “Shrink” Your Pores

Unfortunately, a pore can never disappear. Beauty gurus say,” the deeper the pore, the bigger it looks.” However, fortunately, there is a way to minimize the depth of pores so they look smaller. Treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels or applying glycolic acids exfoliate the damaged layers of the skin so the pore surface can minimize.

5.     Opt For a Skin-Specific Moisturizer

All moisturizers are not formulated equally; therefore, it is important to look for one that caters to your skin’s needs. For oily skin, you do not want to add too much moisture, but you need to hydrate. Moisturizers that have ingredients such as ferulic or hyaluronic acid are best to maintain hydration. For dry skin, stick with the same ingredients, but do not worry about finding an oil-free moisturizer since your skin needs moisture. For acne-prone skin, opt for a noncomedogenic moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a perfume-free moisturizer.

6.     Masks for Deep Cleansing

Do not get it wrong, masks are not supposed to replace the skincare routine; they are supposed to enhance it. Since masks stay on the face longer, they have the ability to eliminate oily substances and sebum from the pores. If you have oily skin, apply a mask every other day. If you have dry skin, apply a mask once or twice a month.


Now that you are aware of the bridal tips that will ensure you with beautiful skin, do not waste time and get to it as soon as possible!

Planning a Wedding Tips

How to Plan a Wedding — A Step By Step Guide

Are you thinking about planning your own wedding? If so, you are not the only one. Many brides want to plan their wedding so it can be perfect. However, planning a wedding can be an endless decision, many deadlines, budgets, and a long list of tasks to do. With all these responsibilities on your shoulders, it can be hard to manage. You need to make sure you know where to start. Follow the steps provided below so the wedding planning can be easier.


Before diving into anything, you need to set a budget. You need to plan what the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the décor, details, and the vendors. The earlier you set a budget, the better it will be throughout the entire planning process.

Slow Down

After being engaged, the couple will get many urges to do everything as soon as possible. Keep in mind, there is no rush so calm down. Spend time thinking about the date, money, details, vendors, so you can have the best wedding ever.

Talk to People & Read Mags

Talk to married people, as they will be able to help you. Talk to former brides for tips on how to stay calm during your wedding. Get your hands on as many bridal magazines as you can! Get inspiration, check the latest trends, keep ideas with you, and make a vision board.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Since there will be a lot on your shoulders, it is smart to make a to-do list. Write down everything that is important so it does not slip your mind. Keep writing any ideas that pop into your mind. When you have everything written down, number it from most important to least. This way you will know what to pay attention to the most.

Start Talking

Start talking to vendors so you can negotiate with them. Ask for second opinions, ask family members & friends to help you out, talk to your partner and start canceling things off your list so you know you are making progress.

Do Not Wait Till the Last Moment

Make sure you are not leaving the big decisions to the last moment. The quicker you face things, the quicker the planning will be done.

Get Personal

If there is something you and your husband have dreamt of doing at your wedding, make sure you include that. Whether it is with your pet or if there are any family traditions, do it!

Trustworthy Helper

Choose one person who would help you with tasks, holding valuables and dealing with the vendors. This will make life so much easier for you.

Team Work

Your partner will be the best person to go to for any help. Do not be afraid to ask for their opinion and you can involve other people as well. This way you will stay organized as well!

Try Staying Calm

Although, the wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming, you need to make sure you are staying calm throughout the whole process. This will make everything easier and make you feel less burdened.

Wedding Dance Ideas

Innovative Wedding Dance Ideas

A surefire way to get the crowd excited at your wedding is to have some fun dancing! Traditionally, the bride and groom will share a first dance on the dance floor before inviting the other guests to join in the fun. It’s probably the most enjoyable part of the entire ceremony, as guests shimmy on the floor and onlookers watch. But even this traditional practice can be jazzed up and be made a lot more memorable for the couple and their guests. Let’s have a look at some creative and fun wedding dance ideas for the floor.

Hire a dance instructor to choreograph a dance

Have a dance instructor teach some or all of your guests an easy and fun dance that they can perform together. It’s even better if the dance manages to tell a story about your story as a couple. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to teach the guests the dance, or it could become more of a boring lesson than a fun activity for everyone to partake in. You get bonus points if the dance is tied within an ethnic or family tradition. For example, Indian and Pakistani families have a longstanding practice of friends from both the bride’s and groom’s side to participate in an elaborately choreographed dance performance. These dance performances can get pretty complicated though, so if you want all of the guests to participate, keep it simple.  If you want to incorporate your guests within a particular ethic or family tradition, do so.

Have a line on your RSVP for your guests to fill out a song preference for the DJ

Your guests are likelier to shake it out on the dance floor if their favorite song is playing. Accordingly, include a line on the RSVP so your guests can list a beloved song, and give the compiled list to the DJ before the day of the wedding. Once your guests hear their favorite song playing, they won’t be able to help themselves dancing their hearts out!

Jazz up the dance floor

Why not make the dance floor itself a lot more fun to step on? Couples can incorporate glitter and sparkles on the floor, or have flashing lights blink on the floor. Extra points if the flashing of the lights can be timed with the rhythm of the music. Remember, the more fun you make it appear, the more your guests will want to get there!

Reflect the dancing bug in your wedding attire

If dancing’s especially important to you on your wedding day, why not make it easier for yourself? Converse.com allows you to order your very own wedding Converse as dancing shoes for the reception.  You can personalize these shoes too, with a Mr. X for him and Mrs. X for her printed right on the shoes. Once the vows are dealt with, kick off the heels and the shoes, and put these on instead in order to dance to your heart’s content without blistered soles.


Why Stella York Bridal Gowns Are The Best Option

 3 Reasons to Choose Stella York Bridal Gowns

Every girl’s dream is to look and feel beautiful on her big day. However, sometimes with so much chaos in the environment, choosing the right bridal gown can be a hassle. It is true that there are numerous online wedding dress stores or bridal boutiques, which makes this job even harder. The worst thing that can happen to any bride on her wedding day is a wardrobe malfunction; therefore, choosing the right wedding boutique becomes even more crucial.

However, there is no reason for you to stress out about your wedding gown! Stella York Bridal Gowns are the best option for those who want a reliable, high-end bridal gown designer that provides each client with first class services and unique designs.

Each bridal gown tells a story of its own. There is a style, a design that matches every individual’s standards and tastes. Moreover, the intricately embroidered designs will allow the gown to look fashion forward as well. Another great thing about Stella York Bridal Gowns is that they come in different sleeve styles, different fabrics, and –slightly- different colors. Whether you want to stick with the traditional pearly white, long maxi bridal gown, or a blush pink fitted dress, Stella York Bridal Gowns will allow you to bring out your truest self.

1.     Intricate Designs

When you lay eyes on a Stella York Bridal Gown, you can see how much work and love was put into each piece. Whether it is around the back neckline, on the sheer sleeves, on the trail or around the circumference of the dress, each design has its uniqueness. Moreover, there is a pattern visible with each dress that shows that it is a Stella York masterpiece. The large floral patterns that are delicately stitched look elegant when the bride is rocking this beauty.

2.     Various Styles

Stella York Bridal Gowns really know how to stay fashion forward while respecting the traditional wedding dress. Some dresses are strapless, some a long sleeved, some has longer tails than others do, some have plunging back necklines, some are body hugging while the others are flowy. However, the one thing in common with all the dresses is that they will allow all brides to look absolutely radiant, no matter which gown they choose to wear on their big day.

3.     Romantic Touch

Although there are so many different styles available from this designer, each dress has a romantic touch. The romantic element of these wedding gowns is important for the wedding time as it not only allows the bride to look feminine, but it adds the perfect wedding touch too.

Believe it or not, the bridal gown is the most important component of your wedding. With so much importance given to this dress, it is only necessary that every girl chooses the right one. Visit Stella York at a wedding dress shop in San Francisco or click here.

Selecting the Right Color for a Wedding Dress

Choosing a Color for Your Wedding Dress

Although white is the color that comes to mind when choosing a wedding dress, modern-day brides are going for different colors in order to illustrate their individuality. Since every color has a different significance, it is important to consider everything before choosing the color for your wedding dress.

Blue – Serenity

Light blue is seen as a serene color that reflects the color of the sky and the ocean. The deeper shades of blue are known to be colors of wealth. Bright and electric hues of blue are the colors that can make a statement; however, overusing this color can make the atmosphere look cold.

Yellow – Youth

The color yellow brings uplifting and youthful thoughts to the mind. This color is a reflection of sunshine, summer, and flowers. For a wedding dress, opt for a golden yellow dress, as it will allow the wedding atmosphere to look glamorous. This color is the best way to stimulate energy in an outdoor, summer wedding.

Green – Earth

Green is known as the color of new beginning, spring and as a “green-world” promoter. This color is ideal for an outdoor wedding as it has a refreshing, calming, and tranquil tone to it. This color is popular for bridesmaid dresses as well.

Orange – Warmth

Orange is an earthy, bold color that screams out autumn, depending on what tone you choose to wear. A warmer shade of orange is becoming a popular choice such as terracotta or peach as they add a subtle warmth and elegance to the wedding dress.

Purple – Royalty

The color purple has a majestic history as it radiates luxury to the wedding. The darker shades of purple need to be used carefully as it can overpower the entire look. The light shades of this color are chosen by creative people and they seem very uplifting.

Red – Love

The color of love often adds a romantic effect to the wedding. Having a red dress will definitely make you the center of attention, whether it is used as the block color or as an accentuating feature on a white dress. The darker tones of red are the perfect choice for an intimate wedding during the wintertime.

Brown – Organic

When choosing a vintage wedding dress, the brown and beige shades are becoming a popular choice. The color brown gives a feeling of stability and integrity. Vintage wedding dresses are put together with subtle tones of peach, beige, and brown and lace, pearls, or wooden beaded accessories can be paired beautifully with this color.

Black – Elegance

There is no need to hesitate if you want to wear a black wedding dress. This is a sophisticated and elegant color to wear as a wedding dress, especially when have a contemporary or black-tie wedding. This color is strong and pairs ideally with a white suit to add a twist on the traditions!

For an interesting twist to your wedding, opt for an out-of-the-box colored wedding dress!

Allure Bridal Dresses Are the Best For Every Body Type

Allure Bridal Gowns for Every Body Shape

Your wedding day is the perfect day to impress all the people that are attending it.

And what would be a better way to do so than to walk down the aisle in a gorgeous bridal gown! Since there are so many different styled bridal gowns available, it is important to choose one that will complement your body shape.

Here is a guide that will allow every bride to choose the right dress.

A-Line Dress

This dress is ideal for all girls! Whether they have an hourglass figure, triangle, inverted triangle, round or rectangle figure, it will flatter everyone. The ultimate Allure Bridal Gown chosen as a good A-line dress choice is this. With a sheer back and beautiful embroidery all over the dress, any bride can feel like the most precious thing in the world.

This bridal gown has a plunging neckline that can beautifully display a diamond necklace along with matching diamond earrings.

Mermaid Dress

This dress is the best choice for girls with a triangle or hourglass body figure. The reason is that this dress accentuates the curvy hips. Girls with this body figure have sharp waistlines that lead to their hips, making their hips look gorgeous. Here is the Allure Bridal Gown that is a perfect choice. This dress has a strapless, embroidered bodice with an intense ruffle flare at the bottom. It will beautifully flatter any girl that opts to wear this bridal gown.

Empire Dress

Like the A-line dress, the empire dress is ideal for all body shapes. This means that all girls can beautifully rock the Allure Bridal Gown that is chosen! The strapless top will draw attention to the bust whereas the long flowy dress will add length to the figure. Depending on personal choices, an empire dress with a long trail can be chosen as well. The line that best describes this dress type is “simplistic yet attractive.”

Ball Gown

This bridal gown is ideal for inverted triangle figures, triangle, hourglass, and rectangle figures. Since this dress has a puffy bottom, it is recommended that round body shapes do not wear it. The Allure Bridal Gown that is chosen for this figure is here. This dress has a plunging front and back neckline and it features sheer sleeves with intricate floral designs.

It is the ideal choice for the girls that want to live out their Disney princess dream on their big day.

Sheath Dress

Girls that have hourglass and rectangle figures can rock this dress! The Allure Bridal Gown that we have chosen is the perfect choice to flaunt your body in the right way. As it allows every bride to look innocent, it still manages to add a subtle sexy touch with the low backline.

As this dress falls perfectly on the body, every girl will feel gorgeous as she walks up to the altar.

If you are residing in the bay area, make sure you check out wedding dresses in the bay area or click here to see the entire Allure Bridal Gown collection.

Wedding Dress According to your Body Shape

Finding the Wedding Dress According To Your Body Type

When your wedding time approaches, everything starts to seem extremely overwhelming. There are thousands of questions floating in your mind and everything is confusing. Are you feeling the stress just imagining it? It will get real quick, which is why it is important to choose a wedding dress prior to the big day.

Before purchasing a wedding dress, you must understand your body shape and the style that flatters you the most. Keep in mind that the bride gets many opinions thrown at her, so she must be sure of what she wants in her mind.

Body Type and Dress Guide

1.     Hourglass Figure

This figure is all about the curves. With a big bust, wide hips, and small waist, you have to choose a dress that would flaunt your curves. Girls with the hourglass shape are lucky, as there is a large range of dresses that they can choose from. Opt for dresses that will accentuate your curves and small waist. Do not go for baggy dress!

2.     Apple Figure

This is when you have a big chest and smaller lower half of your body. You need to go for a dress that will cling onto your body at the smallest part, but will flow out from your waistline. Try finding a dress that is textured at the bodice so it can camouflage and give a corset-like effect. The neck that would flatter your body the most would be the deep V. make sure you are not choosing a trumpet dress because it will emphasize the areas you want to draw attention away from.

3.     Pear Figure

This is when your lower body is bigger compared to the upper part. For this body shape, the best dress to go for would be something that has a skirt gradually going outwards in a A shape from the waist all the way to the floor. It must highlight the narrow midsection of your body but must float away from the thigh area. Opt for sturdy fabrics rather than silk. A deep V neck or a spaghetti strap bodice will look extremely flattering.

4.     Busty Figure

This is when you have a large chest. You will need to go for a dress that has a scooped neck. This way it will draw attention towards your face without showing too much cleavage. If you want to go for a strapless dress, keep in mind that you should choose one without a deep dip on the neckline because this could make your bust look bigger.

5.     Rectangle Figure

Since this means a body shape without curves, you will have to choose a dress that would help create these curves. A sheath dress will allow you to have a curvy seam. Or you could go for ball gowns as they will cling onto your waist but will flow out from your waist down. It will add an artificial curve to your body and give a camouflaged appearance to the straightness of your figure.

The Must See Pronovia Bridal Gowns

Make a Fashion Statement with the Ideal Bridal Gown

Have you chosen a bridal gown for your big day? With your wedding around the corner, it is important to choose a bridal gown! By this time, you have probably visited many wedding boutiques, but have not found the perfect one. In this case, make sure you check out Pronovia Bridal Gowns.

Pronovia Bridal Gowns are the best for brides to-be that want to feel and look like elegant princesses. These dresses come in many different designs and feature the pearly white color that is ideal for weddings. Whether you are the type of girl that prefers flowy gowns or body hugging dresses, Pronovia has dresses that will accommodate every individual’s preferences.

More importantly, these wedding dresses keep the traditional wedding dress standards alive, while putting a modern twist on each piece.

Off The Shoulder Dress

Who would have ever thought of wearing or designing an off the shoulder dress for a wedding? With the newest styles and demands, Pronovia Bridal Gowns has created a beautiful off the shoulder dress that allows every bride to feel beautiful in her skin, while she slays her look on her big day. This dress is designed a mermaid dress, which means it is fitted until the hip area and then it flares outward.

The dress goes a little low on the back, giving off flirty feminine vibes. Along with this fashion forward outfit, there is a trail that follows as well. The trail is made of a beautiful sheer white cloth with flower embellishments scattered around it.

Twist on the Traditional

This dress is as close as it can be to the traditional type, but the twist that Pronovia has put on it is absolutely mind-blowing.

This bridal gown features a big satin fall that has large flower prints made around the circumference, sheer sleeves, and an embroidered fitted bodice. While it allows the bride to feel like a princess, it will also allow her to look effortlessly gorgeous.

Pair this with a natural eye look and subtle lips so the dress can be the main attraction. However, with a beautiful smile on the bride’s face, she will have all eyes on her, nonetheless.

The New Trend

This Pronovia Bridal Gown features the newest trend, the slit. With a thigh-high slit, deep V back neckline, and floral cutouts on the left sleeve, this dress is the ultimate showstopper. Along with all this, it is a mermaid dress that is stitched to perfectly hug a woman’s body, and accentuate all her beautiful curves while a beautiful trail follows. Therefore, it is important to do justice to this dress by keeping it minimal and simplistic.

If you like what you just read and saw about this wedding boutique, make sure you visit it! Pronovia Bridal Gowns never disappoint. It is your one-stop bridal boutique that ensures that all brides are looking their best! So don’t waste any time, hurry and book your favorite bridal gown today!

Finding the Best Wedding Dress

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Dress

For most women, choosing the wedding dress is almost as stressful as planning the wedding. If you can relate with this and need advice on choosing the right wedding dress, here are the tips that you must keep in mind before setting out on your venture.

Keep in mind, there is a high chance that your husband will not be vocal when you are choosing a wedding dress; therefore, you will need to make sure you have a good fashion jury that will allow you to pick one that makes you look angelic.

* Find a Female Companion

Whether it is your husband’s sister or your best friend, you will need to take someone with your for a second opinion when you are buying your dress. However, if your husband is down to help, you can ask for his opinion as well.

* Follow a Set Budget

Following a budget for your wedding is almost never possible. Wedding dresses can be much more expensive than anticipated; therefore, do a little research before setting a budget. If you are lucky enough, you can try bargaining on the wedding dress price so that you don’t end up spending more than your budget.

* The Color

Although, many females stick with the traditional white wedding dress, adding a bold and vibrant or soft and feminine color can always be a good addition. More and more brides are going for colored wedding dresses, so you can too. Just make sure you are choosing a color that looks flattering on you. You will need to take the season and décor in consideration when choosing a colored dress.

* Choosing the Best Length

The length of the wedding dress depends on the location or the type of wedding you are having. The rule of choosing the length is that is must be according to the formality level of the ceremony. Semi formal and formal weddings demand train dresses. The best choice for informal weddings would be a dress that has a flattering hemline. For outdoor weddings, opt for shorter dresses.

* Picking and Knowing the Importance of The “Right” Dress

Every girl needs to know that not all styles will look good on her. Before choosing a wedding dress, it is important to understand your body shape so the dress can be chosen accordingly. Another thing all brides must keep in mind is that the dress must make her feel comfortable and beautiful.

* Train or No Train?

Getting a train on your wedding dress means extra fabric and extra money. If you are having a formal wedding, you will need to get a train. If you feel that, you will not be able to carry a train, then leave it behind.

Now that you have an idea of what to keep in mind before choosing a wedding dress, you will be able to find the best one. For a good range of dresses, check out http://www.flaresbridal.com/.