The Must See Pronovia Bridal Gowns

Make a Fashion Statement with the Ideal Bridal Gown

Have you chosen a bridal gown for your big day? With your wedding around the corner, it is important to choose a bridal gown! By this time, you have probably visited many wedding boutiques, but have not found the perfect one. In this case, make sure you check out Pronovia Bridal Gowns.

Pronovia Bridal Gowns are the best for brides to-be that want to feel and look like elegant princesses. These dresses come in many different designs and feature the pearly white color that is ideal for weddings. Whether you are the type of girl that prefers flowy gowns or body hugging dresses, Pronovia has dresses that will accommodate every individual’s preferences.

More importantly, these wedding dresses keep the traditional wedding dress standards alive, while putting a modern twist on each piece.

Off The Shoulder Dress

Who would have ever thought of wearing or designing an off the shoulder dress for a wedding? With the newest styles and demands, Pronovia Bridal Gowns has created a beautiful off the shoulder dress that allows every bride to feel beautiful in her skin, while she slays her look on her big day. This dress is designed a mermaid dress, which means it is fitted until the hip area and then it flares outward.

The dress goes a little low on the back, giving off flirty feminine vibes. Along with this fashion forward outfit, there is a trail that follows as well. The trail is made of a beautiful sheer white cloth with flower embellishments scattered around it.

Twist on the Traditional

This dress is as close as it can be to the traditional type, but the twist that Pronovia has put on it is absolutely mind-blowing.

This bridal gown features a big satin fall that has large flower prints made around the circumference, sheer sleeves, and an embroidered fitted bodice. While it allows the bride to feel like a princess, it will also allow her to look effortlessly gorgeous.

Pair this with a natural eye look and subtle lips so the dress can be the main attraction. However, with a beautiful smile on the bride’s face, she will have all eyes on her, nonetheless.

The New Trend

This Pronovia Bridal Gown features the newest trend, the slit. With a thigh-high slit, deep V back neckline, and floral cutouts on the left sleeve, this dress is the ultimate showstopper. Along with all this, it is a mermaid dress that is stitched to perfectly hug a woman’s body, and accentuate all her beautiful curves while a beautiful trail follows. Therefore, it is important to do justice to this dress by keeping it minimal and simplistic.

If you like what you just read and saw about this wedding boutique, make sure you visit it! Pronovia Bridal Gowns never disappoint. It is your one-stop bridal boutique that ensures that all brides are looking their best! So don’t waste any time, hurry and book your favorite bridal gown today!

Finding the Best Wedding Dress

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Dress

For most women, choosing the wedding dress is almost as stressful as planning the wedding. If you can relate with this and need advice on choosing the right wedding dress, here are the tips that you must keep in mind before setting out on your venture.

Keep in mind, there is a high chance that your husband will not be vocal when you are choosing a wedding dress; therefore, you will need to make sure you have a good fashion jury that will allow you to pick one that makes you look angelic.

* Find a Female Companion

Whether it is your husband’s sister or your best friend, you will need to take someone with your for a second opinion when you are buying your dress. However, if your husband is down to help, you can ask for his opinion as well.

* Follow a Set Budget

Following a budget for your wedding is almost never possible. Wedding dresses can be much more expensive than anticipated; therefore, do a little research before setting a budget. If you are lucky enough, you can try bargaining on the wedding dress price so that you don’t end up spending more than your budget.

* The Color

Although, many females stick with the traditional white wedding dress, adding a bold and vibrant or soft and feminine color can always be a good addition. More and more brides are going for colored wedding dresses, so you can too. Just make sure you are choosing a color that looks flattering on you. You will need to take the season and décor in consideration when choosing a colored dress.

* Choosing the Best Length

The length of the wedding dress depends on the location or the type of wedding you are having. The rule of choosing the length is that is must be according to the formality level of the ceremony. Semi formal and formal weddings demand train dresses. The best choice for informal weddings would be a dress that has a flattering hemline. For outdoor weddings, opt for shorter dresses.

* Picking and Knowing the Importance of The “Right” Dress

Every girl needs to know that not all styles will look good on her. Before choosing a wedding dress, it is important to understand your body shape so the dress can be chosen accordingly. Another thing all brides must keep in mind is that the dress must make her feel comfortable and beautiful.

* Train or No Train?

Getting a train on your wedding dress means extra fabric and extra money. If you are having a formal wedding, you will need to get a train. If you feel that, you will not be able to carry a train, then leave it behind.

Now that you have an idea of what to keep in mind before choosing a wedding dress, you will be able to find the best one. For a good range of dresses, check out


Sorella Vita Bridesmaids Dresses

The Most Gorgeous Bridesmaids Dresses in Town

Are you getting married? Well, then it is time you pick out the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your girl gang.

With so many different bridesmaids’ dresses boutiques and online stores, this task can become overwhelming. To make the choosing procedure easy and fun for your girls and you, look into Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses.

Sorella Vita is known for its original designs and pastel colors that help every girl look radiant. However, for those who want darker colors can get those as well. Whether you want long or short dresses, strapless or long sleeved, deep necklines or backless, flowy or fitted, Sorella Vita has them all for you!

Therefore, without any further adieu let us look into this luxury brand so you can get beautiful dresses at affordable rates.

Option 1: Glitz & Glamour

This Sorella Vita bridesmaid dress is for the girl gang that wishes to make a shimmery statement. This dress is long, silver, and full of sparkles. With a plunging neckline, and a fitted waist, this dress will flatter any body type. The best part is that you can style it exactly the way you want. However, keep in mind, the dress is very sparkly, therefore, the makeup should be on the matte side. If it is not, the bride’s look might be overpowered. Bold red lips and soft curls by the sides will look elegant!

Option 2: Flirty & Feminine

This bridesmaid dress is ideal for girls that want to look feminine yet radiate flirty vibes. The sheer halter neck, pastel color, somewhat fitted bodice, flowy bottom, and backless back go so well together! An accompanying satin belt may be removed at the wearer’s preference.

Since this dress is backless, it is important to go for a soft makeup look and a messy side bun. The best part about this dress is that it complements almost all skin tones.

Option 3: Sexy yet Elegant

This Sorella Vita bridesmaid dress is a two in one. The bodice features a beautiful rosy pink and black flower pattern, whereas the lower half is a long flowy dress. Since it is strapless, the back goes a little low. Accompanying it is a black belt around the waist to show off the curves.

The lovely contrast of light and dark elevates the look of this dress, ensuring that the girl donning it gets all the compliments of the night. A smokey eye look with nude pink lips would be the perfect combination to go with this dress! Depending on the mood, girls can opt for a sleek hairstyle or effortlessly chic curls.

Amongst the many beautiful Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses, these are just three. Make sure you visit this bridal boutique in San Francisco or check out the website so you can browse through more beautiful options and book your favorite bridesmaids dresses as soon as possible!


Tips for Writing your own Wedding Vows

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Let’s face it: traditional wedding vows just don’t cut it. If you want to make the vows a moment to remember for the rest of your life, you’d better pick up the pen and start writing your own vows. Here’s how you can make this happen without too many hurdles.

Get inspired by other self-written vows

You can read such vows online. Make a list of vows that particularly touched you, and figure out why those specifically touched you. Think about what it is about the style or content of those vows that drew you to them, and then incorporate that as a starting point for when you start writing your own.

Think about the specificities of your own relationship

Reflect on your relationship and your fiancé. Think back about the time when you first met, when you first realized you were in love, and when you finally decided you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person. Answer a list of basic questions, like why you decided to get married, what hard times you’ve suffered through together, what makes your relationship work, what about your fiancé inspires you, and how they’ve made your life better. Spend as much time on this as you can, since you’ll draw from it heavily.

Make sure both you and your fiancé agree on the format and tone

Deciding on your wedding vows needs to be a joint decision, even if you don’t tell your fiancée what you’re going to say. Make sure the two of you are on the same page regarding tone: do you want them to be humorous, or romantic and poetic? How long will they be? The two of you should be in the same boat in order to avoid any nasty surprises on the big day.

Make an outline and avoid clichés

Write your first draft after establishing a structure. Here’s a template for an outline: start by affirming your love, praise your partner, make the promises, and finally, close with the last vow. Or you could begin with a brief story, and refer to it again by the end. Once you’re done with the first draft, you’ll want to edit it. The first thing to do is to avoid clichés. The whole point of writing your own vows is to avoid sounding like other people, and to make them as personal as possible. Come up with specific examples and instances to use instead of clichés. And remove anything that seems like it might be too embarrassing or mysterious sounding. Your vows are meant to symbolize you making the bond between you public, so avoid inside jokes, code words or anecdotes that are entirely too personal.  And keep the final vows down to a minute or two, max. Don’t drag it out.

Practice saying the vows out loud

Practice your vows until you’ve got them just right. The right way to go about this is by recording yourself saying the vows, and then listening to that recording to see which areas require improvement.


Bridal Tips for Every Bride

Bridal Tips 101 – 8 Things Every Bride Must Know

Every bride is the center of attention at her wedding day. Being the center of attention comes with lots of responsibilities that the bride must be before. With all the chaos, the bride forgets to take care of herself that is why we bring to you these bridal tips that will help every bride glow.

Tip 1: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize (CTM)

These three things are the most important part of a female’s beauty regime. This will allow the bride to look youthful and relaxed. Cleansing will take off all the dirt from the skin. Toning will allow your pores function properly. Moisturizing will provide your skin with the moisture it needs.

Tip 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliating will allow the bride to get rid of all the dead skin cells that are on her face. Because exfoliating can cause breakouts, make sure you are doing them a week or so prior the wedding day.

Tip 3: Hair and Face Appointments

Start getting hair and face treatments 6 months before the wedding. For healthy looking skin and hair, get weekly treatments. If you do not like going for appointments, you can do DIY masks at home so do some research!

Tip 4: Manis and Pedis

It is crucial to have clean hands and feet for your big day. Every bride MUST get manicures and pedicures that will ensure her with beautiful hands and feet.

Tip 5: Hair Removal

Keep yourself well groomed! Get rid of all unwanted hair on your body. Opt for ways that will not give you cuts or rashes and that could make you look bad. Keep your eyebrows in the right shape and make sure you are getting rid of the peach fuzz on your upper lips.

Tip 6: Meditate

The best way to get rid of stress is by meditating. Practicing meditation for 15 minutes, a day could make the bride feel calmer. Surround yourself with positivity and forget about the stress.

Tip 7: Diet

Every bride must keep her diet clean. It is important to have a good eating pattern that would ensure you with good health rather than breakouts. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, lime or coconut water for de-bloating and a balanced diet of green veggies, fruits, and proteins.

Tip 8: Sleep

Sleep is more important than you may thing. It not only sets the energy tone for a certain day, but it also helps an individual achieve clear skin. Getting 8-10 hours a sleep everyday is crucial if the bride wants to have good skin on her wedding day.

Take Care

Taking care of yourself during the entire wedding process is under looked. Therefore, a bride must get massages frequently to make sure her body is not stressing due to the mental stress. Every girl deserves to shine on her big day!

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Wedding Themes That Will Add To Your Big Day

Top Wedding Themes and Destinations

Wedding themes are what can make a couple’s big day even more special and meaningful. Although many couples want to stick with the traditional wedding themes, more and more are opting for themes that are unconventional. However, before finalizing a theme, the bride and groom must discuss it with each other because this is an important decision.

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A Few Tips to Dancing at Your Wedding

A Few Tips to Dancing at Your Wedding

Yes, you might feel terrified at the very thought of dancing publically in front of all your friends and family. Who wants to look stupid on the dance floor? But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with these trips to keep in mind.

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A Rustic, Chic country wedding

Congratulations to our bride, Sarah!




Sarah + David chose to have a rustic, chic themed wedding with a relaxed setting and we love the country wedding idea. From the sunflower bouquets, the mason jars, the bridesmaids’ cow-boy boots, the horse to the beautiful lace wedding dress worn by the bride. It was all perfect together to create the perfect wedding.

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Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Planning a wedding is not hard just for the people getting married but it is also a stressful task for the mothers. The mother of the bride has added pressure on her should because she is sending her daughter off while she makes sure she is excelling every aspect of the wedding. To lessen the pressure, it is crucial to follow the tips that we have provided for you.

1.     The Money Talk

After the engagement, the to-be-weds are aiming for the sky when it comes to their wedding. Do not de-motivate their dreams, but make sure you are not giving in additional (expensive) ideas. If the couple getting married has made it clear that, they will be paying then you can! However, as the mother, you will need to sit down with your partner and have a talk with the future bride and groom. Let the couple know how much you are willing to pay.

2.     Your Part in the Wedding

As the mother of the bride, there are probably hundreds of ideas in your mind. Whether it is the flavor of the wedding cake or who the florist may be, you just want everything to be perfect. However, you need to hold your horses. The ultimate wedding decision is left to the bride and groom. If there an idea that you love, you will have to communicate and let the couple know. The end choice is up to the couple so try not to turn into Momzilla.

3.     Dressing for the Occasion

There are some rules when you are choosing your “mother of the bride” dress. First, make sure you are living up to the style of the wedding and the formality. Second, make sure you ask someone if you feel confused. The mother of the bride and mother of the groom should stay in touch. The bride would be a good person to go to for her, as she will be able to give you the right advice.

4.     Guest List

Talk to the bride and groom about whom they would want to invite to the wedding. They could be thinking of either a big gathering or an intimate affair with close friends. Ask them what they expect and then make the list. Let them know whom you would want to invite to the wedding and get on with the list.

5.     Priorities

As the mother of the bride, there are probably many significant details you might want to add, but make sure you are not driving the couple crazy with your ideas. Choose your top 3 things and let the couple know. This way you will not be burdening the couple but you will allow them to focus properly.

Stay Calm

Weddings can be extremely overwhelming, so make sure you are staying contained. Do not let the stress overpower you! The mother of the bride needs to be there for her daughter for moral support.