Faviana Prom Dresses

Faviana is rooted in the heart of New York City, the fashion capital of the United States. The brand was inspired by the sophistication of New York style and the current runway trends. Faviana is known for its simple gowns, as many have little or no beading and, contrastingly, its fully sequined dresses. They fit sleekly and feature some of the season’s hottest new trends. One of the most popular gowns was a pale pink satin gown with thin straps and a high slit. The dress had simple ruching and no beading. However, in true Faviana style, the fit was incredible. It nipped in at the waist and fell gracefully at the hips, which have it an unmatched sophistication. The fabric shimmered in the light and gave a particular glow to the wearer. The designer also created a red chiffon gown with a daringly low plunging neckline. It laced up in the back and had a high lit in the front. Again, it had no beading, but it had a particular shine to it. It created a perfect hourglass shape and showed the perfect amount of skin. The gown, while simple, was polished and refined, like a true metropolitan woman. On the contrast, the designer also introduced a fully sequined black mermaid dress. It had mesh cutouts on the sides and featured a mesh neckline. The keyhole back dipped low and sat perfectly over the hips. The mermaid silhouette and the mesh cutouts worked together to create a beautiful hourglass shape. It sparkled under the light and became the focal point of the entire room. The ability to capture the attention of an entire room is what makes a Faviana girl special. Embracing one of the hottest trends of the season, Faviana designed a unique frosted satin dress with a split overskirt. The high neck and shoulder straps have been spotted all over the red carpet and highlight the shoulders and neck. The split overskirt reveals a short mini skirt underneath, which allows her to show of her legs and shoes. The eye-catching style is frosted, which makes the fabric shimmer under the light. The overskirt floats behind as she walks. The simplistic nature of the dress is what makes it undeniably Faviana; the dress is uncomplicated and elegant. Faviana is the perfect fit for someone who wants an understated, yet still very eye catching dress that comes with a sense of poise and sophistication.