Justin Alexander Bridal Gowns

Justin Alexander embodies the classic bride. The now infamous wedding designer first appeared in the Brooklyn T&G Bridal in 1949. Abandoning the masculine styles of the 30s and 40s, Justin Alexander drew inspiration from the feminine look of years past. The bridal designer prefers to stay with the timeless Old Hollywood styles of the 1950s. Justin Alexander incorporates the ball gown skirts as well as the sleeker silhouettes. However, if the skirt is on the fuller side, it does not overpower the bride. Instead, it makes the bride the main focal point. The intricate beading and delicate lace of each wedding dress highlight the bride’s figure and personality. Many of Justin Alexander wedding gowns also feature straps or sleeves, consistent with the time period associated with the designer. It creates a softer look for the dress and pulls the bride’s shoulder back. Many have the beloved sweetheart neckline, yet again adding to the feminine physique. Justin Alexander has also designed several beautiful charmeuse gowns. The fabric is lightweight and bathes the bride in effortless radiance. Corresponding to the 1950s feel, many dresses are nipped at the waist, either with jewel belts, rushing, or purposefully placed seams. These wedding dresses highlight the classic hourglass figure of today and in the past. The designer’s choice in beading is delicate and understated. Justin Alexander embraces floral designs and simple lines, especially when paired with lace. The small details add to the overall elegance of each bridal gowns. The designer is also famous for its tea-length dresses. The shorter length adds a youthful and playful side to a timeless style. The tea length wedding dress is perfect for many venues, especially gardens, and, again, is very feminine. Justin Alexander introduced a few modern touches to his classic designs. One wedding dress is a very classic ball gown shape with a tulle skirt, sweetheart neckline, and beaded bodice. However, it is a pale coral color rather than white or cream. Justin Alexander goes for a more modern feel with the Signature collection. There are more modern necklines, sharper lines, and bolder beading. The dresses are a much brighter white than the creamy whites of the regular collection. The dresses are made of richer fabrics, such as satin, and have much bolder features. Several dresses are beaded from head to toe or have unique features like layered tulle, illusion necklines, or off-the-shoulder styles. The Justin Alexander wedding dress collection embraces the classic feminine style while the Signature collection includes classic features with much more modern styles.